Can You File for an Injury Claim When Working From Home?

26 July 2021
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Working from home is a popular concept among businesses and organisations today. This arrangement allows workers to perform their duties in the comfort of their homes. However, just like the traditional office working style, remote working presents various physical and psychological risks that expose employees to injury. What happens if you get injured when working from home? Does your employer's workers' compensation still cover you? Employees can file an injury claim and seek compensation for work-at-home injuries. Read More 

Consent Order vs Parenting Plan: Which Is the Right Agreement for You?

23 June 2021
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Consent orders and parenting plans outline parenting arrangements between a separated or divorced couple. The major difference between the two is that a parenting plan is an informal agreement, while a consent order is a legally binding document. Choosing the right plan plays a critical role in streamlining parenting responsibilities, rights, permissions and other issues related to co-parenting. Therefore, consider the following factors when comparing the two options. 1. Nature of relationship between the parties Read More 

Signs You Need to Get a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Case

24 June 2020
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Injuries that occur after a motorcycle or car crash, slip and fall or other forms of mishaps can be very severe. Things even get more complicated if the accident wasn't your fault and the responsible party isn't cooperating. Personal injury lawyers play an essential role in such cases. They provide expert counsel and help their clients get the compensation and treatment they need to make life easier regardless of the challenges. Read More 

After Being Involved in a Car Accident, Take These Steps

28 December 2017
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A car accident is a scary experience for most people. The shock and confusion that it can cause is not comparable to many other situations. If you haven't suffered from any serious injuries, taking the right steps can enable you to safeguard the lives of others and to avoid any additional consequences that you may incur due to negligence. Following the right steps will also make it easier for you to work with a personal injury lawyer and to claim any compensation that is owed to you. Read More 

Crucial Tips for Hiring the Best Personal Injury Attorney

18 April 2017
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You may likely experience unfair treatment when you get injured at work place. In this case, you might need an experienced lawyer who will file for a law suit for cases where the company has completely ignored the injury or negotiate on your behalf when they fail to provide the required compensation. But getting the right attorney maybe a tasking job since you have to get someone you can trust, and you also have to factor in the amount it will cost and consider the questions you should ask before settling for one. Read More